I feel safe. I mean, I feel safe into this insecurity which is rounding my head, all the time.
It's cold outside, the fall came sooner. In fact, this morning I had to take my clothes off and put on that... that warm sweater you gave me that Christmas, at Geordie's home. I think you'll remember, it was only a few months ago. Well, you never had a great mind, neither a great memory. But who knows, maybe you surprise me with another of your unexpected details, and I already have to shut up. I say, who knows.
Walls are painted now in shiny, plain white. Yesterday Cameron came for helping us to paint house and move some furniture around, you know, I still remember last time we met I told you we would move to North Hempstead. I think anywhere would have been as good as there to move on. The only condition was being away, as far as I could of you. And not to remember.
We were a pair of crazy lovers, despite everything. We used to cry until the night was out, and then kissing each other, looking for the love somebody stole us. You liked to call me at dawn, or texting me messages you know I would answer in the following minutes, maybe seconds. It was different, I know. Different of what else I had ever felt, I had ever done. I didn't care about what I would have to expect of you, or me. I never called us "we", which sounded strange and overwhelming.
The clock is ticking, chances come and go. It was my choice. To leave you, to forget you, to forgive you. Forgiving you for all these nights you made me feel like the only one, in spite of the fact I never was.
Now I realize, you know.
Better late than never.


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